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What is the Cost of Divorce in  Kansas?

Informative family law attorneys help clients remain budget-conscious

Divorce can be an expensive experience. You might not be able to avoid some financial hardship as you set up separate households, divide marital assets and make arrangements for alimony and child support. Fortunately, however, there are ways in which Kansans going through a divorce can keep the legal fees and other expenses they must pay within reasonable bounds. At The Henry Law Firm, P.A., located in Overland Park, we work to avoid unnecessary expenses for clients ending their marriages. Though each case is unique, we offer various general guidelines that can help you economize where you can.

How much does it cost to get a divorce in Kansas?

We charge attorney fees by the hour. How much time we expend depends on a number of factors, but a key one is how well the parties cooperate. An important part of a divorce lawyer’s job is to make sure that your interests are protected and that your spouse doesn’t take advantage of you. We take that job seriously. Generally, the less we must fight to protect your interests, the less money it will cost you; the more we need to fight, the more it will cost. Another important part of our job is to deliver honest advice about the terms you can achieve when your divorce proceeding concludes. The more realistic both you and your spouse are, the more likely it is that we can keep our fees relatively low. It is also important for you to cooperate with us. We will need to understand your financial position, family dynamics and goals for the divorce. You can count on us to provide knowledgeable counsel, answer your questions, explain your options clearly, develop a personalized strategy and pursue your goals with skill and determination.

Ways you can help your attorney eliminate unnecessary expenses

You can help keep costs low by speaking openly about your situation and gathering relevant information to support your case. In your initial consultation and at various times during the course of the divorce, we will need to ask you questions or obtain documents from you. Prompt, direct, clear responses will save time and allow us to focus on achieving a positive result.

At the outset, giving us a rundown of your family property and finances, and completing our comprehensive questionnaire, will go a long way to helping us prepare. It is also a good idea to come to our initial consultation with a list of questions that you have regarding the marriage dissolution process. In some cases, we can respond immediately. While at other times, further information or research might be required. You might find that we answer many of your questions without being asked. If we need to prepare you to testify at any evidentiary hearing, you should focus on understanding our advice and answering the specific questions we ask. Divorce can be emotional and sometimes parties have unrealistic expectations. No matter what your goals entail, we will use our legal knowledge and experience to give you an accurate perspective on how your case might proceed. Our goal is to achieve the best result for you as efficiently and cost-effectively as we can.

Contact a Kansas family lawyer regarding the financial aspects of divorce

The Henry Law Firm, P.A. works closely with Kansans to limit costs while providing effective divorce representation. Call us at 913-381-5020 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys in Overland Park.

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