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Experienced Overland Park Family Law Attorneys Serve Kansas Clients

Attorneys handle divorces, custody disputes and child support matters

Whether you are going through a divorce, a custody dispute or another domestic legal issue, the Kansas attorneys at The Henry Law Firm, P.A. in Overland Park listen to your needs, understand your concerns and help you reach practical and reasonable solutions to your family law challenges. We believe in sharing your journey from crisis to resolution by helping you understand your legal options and then guiding you step by step toward a successful conclusion.

Why should you hire a family law attorney?

Many people are reluctant to retain an attorney to represent them in a family law matter. However, achieving the result you seek usually requires the assistance of a trained professional who can develop a sound strategy on your behalf. Acting on your own puts you at a disadvantage and in jeopardy of an adverse ruling that diminishes your rights. Specific benefits of hiring a seasoned family lawyer include:

  • Knowledge of substantive law and procedures — Most people are not aware of the specific provisions that govern family law situations and are frustrated trying to navigate through the court system. This leads to missteps and omissions that hurt their case.
  • Experience with similar cases — Our family law attorneys draw on experience in past cases to find creative solutions for clients.
  • Complete and accurate filings — Court cases require you to file numerous documents, some of which you must draft from scratch. A knowledgeable attorney prepares filings that advance your legal position and satisfy court rules.
  • Professional advocacy — Divorces and parenting conflicts are emotional, and sometimes pain and bitterness prevents parties from communicating effectively. Trained attorneys focus on presenting arguments persuasively, and asserting their clients’ rights whenever they are threatened.
  • Savings of time and money — Working with a seasoned attorney gives you a better chance to secure a result with benefits now and in the future. You can also save time by having an attorney handle your case who is deeply familiar with situations like yours.

No matter what particular circumstances prompt you to seek a family law attorney, we will explain the relevant legal standards in a clear manner so you can make important decisions with confidence.

Our family law practice areas

Drawing on more than 30 years of combined experience, we provide legal services and representation to Kansans facing a wide spectrum of domestic issues, including:

  • Dissolution of marriage — In Kansas, you can seek a civil annulment, a legal separation (known as separate maintenance) or a divorce. We guide you through negotiations, mediation or litigation — depending on the forum that works best in your case. We provide sound advice about matters involving the distribution of assets, division of the marital home, child support payments, and child custody rights.
  • Legal separation — If you no longer wish to live together and are not ready for a divorce, we can help secure your rights with a comprehensive separation agreement that formalizes parenting and financial arrangements.
  • Child custody and parenting time — For parents, child custody issues should be the top priority during a divorce or separation. Our family law attorneys advocate for your parental rights so you can bring up your children in the way that best serves your children’s interests and needs. We assist with complex jurisdictional matters involving the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) and/or the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). When warranted, our attorneys also assist with the registration of foreign child custody and/or support orders. After closely reviewing the circumstances, we look to develop appropriate parenting time plans and can also assist with parenting coordination, as well as representation in proceedings to enforce or modify an existing custody order.
  • Visitation — When a child resides primarily in one parent’s home, the court usually grants the other parent frequent, meaningful visitation or parenting time rights. Along with fathers and mothers, there are situations where a grandparent or another family member might be given visitation.
  • Spousal support — Divorce should not lead to a financial crisis. Our attorneys advise parties on issues relating to spousal support, also known as alimony or spousal maintenance, when one party seeks payments to help meet their needs.
  • Child support — Kansas law dictates that parents share the responsibility of financially supporting their children. We seek child support orders that accurately reflect the parents’ financial situations and will address the specific costs associated with raising your son or daughter.
  • LGBTQ+ family Law — Though the law has evolved to include marriage equality, legal matters relating to LGBTQ+ families often present unique challenges. You can rely on us for strong counsel regardless of your particular concern.
  • Mediation — Using a qualified third-party mediator to help reach a settlement keeps the divorce process in your hands rather than the court’s. It can also save you time and money. Our skilled negotiators use mediation when appropriate to bridge the gap between parties.
  • Modifications — A parent might seek a child custody modification because of changes in their own circumstances, such as employment, residency or marital status, or because the child’s needs have changed. Financial shifts often motivate a divorced spouse to request an adjustment to child support or spousal support terms. We’ll examine the pertinent facts and advise if the court is likely to approve the requested change.
  • Premarital, post-marital and cohabitation agreements — Despite high hopes at the start, many relationships end with the parties going their separate ways. Our attorneys draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements so that spouses can protect their assets and understand the potential financial effects of a divorce. We also prepare nonmarital cohabitation agreements for couples sharing a household without committing to marriage.
  • Paternity actions — Establishing legal paternity is necessary before the court issues a child support order or grants custody rights to a father. We provide representation for mothers and putative fathers in actions to establish legal parentage.
  • Protective orders — If you are the victim of stalking or domestic abuse, we can petition for a protective order that provides additional legal safeguards for your safety and welfare.

On these issues and many more, we provide highly personalized legal services. Our dedicated attorneys are committed to guiding you toward the resolution you seek.

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Since 2008, Kansas residents have trusted The Henry Law Firm, P.A. to deliver exceptional family law counsel. Please call us at 913-381-5020 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced Overland Park attorneys.

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